Saturday, October 2, 2010

Introductions 1

I haven't really introduced much about me or my family in this blog. In my opinion I'm rather boring. However, I have two... adoptees.... who are very entertaining (at least my husband and I think so). So without further ado, and a possible disclaimer, here are Monster and Will.

Monster is on the left and Will on the right.

It's almost impossible to get a good picture of them together so the rest will be their personal portraits. I'll start with Monster. She came into our lives this past winter. We saw her on the street in the middle of the night and as we ran during the day.

One day as we ran past her I stopped to pet her (I do this with EVERY cat). She rubbed and purred and followed us the few houses down to our apartment. I carried her the rest of the way inside where she ate some reserve cat food I have (for my landlords cat). After investigating the place she curled up on a rocking chair cushion and has pretty much stayed there since.

I know she looks all cute and cuddly. Yeah, right. She'd let us scratch and rub and then WHAM! out of nowhere she'd rip our head, finger, hand-whatever she could get-right off. We thought we would have to kick her out with how violent she could be.

But then one day I was rubbing her belly (this was a very rare occurrence) and felt two small, hard knobs. After investigating more we discovered she had BBs in her abdomen and legs. I still feel a new one occasionally. It opened up our minds to the fact that our kitty (yeah, she was now mine) had been awfully abused and didn't trust, well, anyone.

Now that we've had her for about 8 months she's practically a different cat. She loves attention and her belly scratched. We'll call and she comes trotting over. While she's gained significant weight, she's not overweight (she was a skinny little thing) and loves treats and take-out food. The other day she had some shrimp and about took my finger off getting to it.

She's extremely trusting now. With her shiny coat and hooded eyes she usually resembles an angry snob, but that's only true about a 1/5 of the time now. She has a canny habit of jumping up on my dresser each night RIGHT as I'm about to fall asleep and demanding scratching while purring and kneading the mattress. She then curls up on the corner by my feet and wakes me up in the morning with the same purring.

I could probably go on forever talking about her (I could about all the animals in my life) but this is getting pathetic. I'll save the next post for Willard/Wilford the Survivor.