Friday, July 15, 2011

Mundane Mercenary

Let's get this straight, self. You are posting under this blog for yourself. You are posting what you want because you can. You are posting this so you will keep posting, not considering who (if any) may read this.

Forget the worries about grammar or seeming way too preoccupied with your pets. Forget wondering what people who know you may think when they read this. You are posting this because you want to. And because it's the middle of the night and you can't sleep so to restrain yourself from baking more concoctions you will update your blog. It's been long enough.

You see, as you sit there in your Mormon underwear with a red apron and wait for your alcoholic chocolate cake (you hope it will turn out as a cake) to bake others are fulfilling their own selfish informational/media/etc needs. What's stopping you from getting up after being unable to fall asleep and tiptoeing over your dogs butt sticking out from under your bed to blogging whatever you please. An who cares if these paragraphs are filled with run-on sentences? There are worse things in the world-like the 8 extra pounds of fat you've discovered out of nowhere-which won't be helped with your midnight recipe fulfillment. Maybe someone will roll their eyes and exclaim "She's seriously worried about her fat when there are millions starving in eastern Africa right now?" Well, fine, let them roll their eyes. This blog if for you-for what you want to write-so stop worrying about what everyone else might think for once. Stop worrying about being a people pleaser. Stop worrying about everything you can't control and enjoy yourself for once. And stop worrying about why you're posting in second person and post it already.