Sunday, July 25, 2010

Avoidance Behavior

Sometimes I think there should be a disorder for avoidance and procrastination. There are plenty of other disorders and science allows for behaviors to be classified. Why not avoidance?

I'm getting to something eventually. Just let me ramble for a while.

My husband gets frustrated when people use disorders to condone their actions or give excuses. He recognizes that something, such as OCD, may cause a person to be more predisposed towards a certain conduct. However, when the behavior seems to let people off the hook it drives him nuts. He believes people still need to be held responsible, unless they are clinically insane (then just lock them up...). Sometimes I find myself agreeing with him, but other times, I wish for a little more mercy in the world because I've needed that mercy myself.

What I was getting to... I'm taking summer classes at the University since my husband is working so much these few months. I'm also taking a CNA class at our local technology college. I find it's very hard to motivate myself to study, to review my notes and read the assigned text. Not only that, but I want to sleep in and take naps and be lazy like any summer should be.

So what I want to know is if procrastination is laziness or something more? Is that all I really am? Lazy? Because that sucks. Or is there some physiological explanation for people who are lacking motivation. Maybe I don't want to know. Maybe it's better to be lazy and chew myself out for that while trying to make some effort instead of saying "I have THIS", so it makes sense that I can't wake myself up.

Now for ways to make my professor more merciful... I wish.

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