Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm Getting Lucky

I'm not sure how I got so lucky this week. Ever since spring break in the middle of March I've been lacking motivation to apply myself to school. This is my third year, 6th semester, 24th month of college. I'll be taking classes this summer. And it's not over soon. I'm trying to get into a nursing program which will add a few more years. School is all I've ever known. There are memories before kindergarten, of course, but it seems like school involves the majority of my life. For the next few years it will continue to rule my life.

However, without getting mushy expressing my feelings of gratitude about the education I have had and the chance I have to expand it, I do not take it for granted. It's very important to my life; learning is probably one of the most important things in my life. I'd find my existence much more dull without learning. In fact, I'm more likely to watch the History channel and Animal Planet than a popular sitcom.

I have no idea where I'm getting with this, but I don't really care. I do know I've gotten some really lucky breaks lately. I can only think of it as divine fortune because I don't think I deserve it. On Thursday I got to my Stats 2000 class for a test and could barely answer half of the questions. I had worked through similar questions before; I guess I hadn't cemented the process in my mind well enough because I turned the test in at the last minute of class without all of the pages filled out. I was discouraged, but figured I'd do really well on the next few tests and be fine. Last night I got an email from our professor that almost made me cry. He said a lot of people hadn't finished the test so he was allowing us to finish it at home and redo anything we liked. I was flying high the rest of the night.

Today I had a chemistry class where I was supposed to know all of the amino acids and the corresponding abbreviations plus more. I guessed on more than half of the questions! I promise. Later this afternoon we got the multiple choice exam score back in our email. I missed 4 out of 33. My jaw literally dropped.

Writing this, I realized the moral of this lesson. I have three tests next week and one the week after that. I can't let this go to luck again; I'd better prepare a little better this time.

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  1. Way to go Daedree! Yes, do study so when your luck or 'overflow' blessings run out, you'll be okay. You are a smart girl. You can do this!