Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bangkok: Day 1

We checked into our hotel at about 1 AM last night after a crazy 30 hours of traveling. After we got in we walked down to a 7-Eleven to get some bread and bottled water. I, to be honest, hated the flights. I'm dreading coming home. I ached everywhere and couldn't sleep well. I finally figured out a good position by lowering the seat tray in front of me and sleeping on that. After a while my legs would hurt so I had to find something new. Our flight in from San Francisco to Tokyo was delayed about an hour so we panicked knowing our layover at NRT was only 2 hours. To make matters worse, we were supposed to arrive and depart at the same terminal but it got switched. We were able to make it and the Tokyo-Bangkok flight was delayed about 15 minutes as well. I just stood for the 25 minutes of downtime trying to make my legs remember what they're for. 

But it's all worth it. Our hotel is absolutely beautiful. It's only been open 3 months and has all sorts of new amenities, including a bidet. (Yeah, got some shocks from that but Casey loves it...) It's a smaller room but has awesome storage (think Ikea) and the windows take up the whole wall. It has two electronic shades that can be lowered for different light. It also has a kitchenette and washer/dryer combination that will come in handy. The shower is separate from the tub, which is huge and would honestly easily fit a Garrett. :) The best part is the view (all three photos from the windows)a. 

I didn't see this until the morning, of course, but it's beautiful at night as well. We're on the 28th floor. I think there are 32 total. It's built over and against a shopping center that based on world themes. We walked around for a few hours before taking the Sky Train to MBK shopping center. I'm not sure how that much merchandise can be packed in there. The upper floors have department stores with nice clothing while the lower floor has all the cheap, fake stuff. I got two skirts because I'm baking in jean capris. (It's been overcast but hot and humid.) At Terminal 21 (the shopping center below us) there was a "lucky cat" that I've been discussing in one of my Asian classes so I took a picture with it. (And let's admit it's a cat so I have to take a picture with it...) If you see a cat raise one paw at you consider yourself lucky. 

We shopped for several hours and Casey showed me areas he remembers being as a missionary. It's fun to imagine him here 5 years ago walking chasing these people around. Speaking of the population I've noticed the kids-younger generation-are much nicer and friendlier than some of the older people. While we were at MBK one guy called Casey over to look at some watches. He said in Thai (before Casey spoke Thai to him) to a coworker, "Come talk to this farang," (a somewhat derogatory term for foreigners). Casey replied, "I'm not a farang," in Thai and the boy was a bit startled and embarrassed. I laughed at that for a while. 

The pool area with the gardens is beautiful. We came home and swam after shopping. Because the pool is on a lower floor I could take pictures of the hotel. 


 Casey is standing on the edge of the pool where it looks out over part of the city.

This isn't the pool but a shallow relaxation area. We think... We joked about getting in it and claiming we thought it was the pool. 

These are the lounge chairs made out of tile in the pool. I won't lie. I love this place and if I didn't miss my pets so dang much I'd be tempted to stay forever.

And finally, someone please tell me what kind of tree this is! It's not a great picture, and I honestly thought it was a croton because of the leaves. It has flowers like lotuses though. I can't figure it out.

That's all for today. I'll try to post every few days.

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  1. They are plumerias, I think, they are all over in Hawaii. Looks like fun :)