Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Koh Ngai and Snorkeling

After several hours of traveling we arrived at our island, Koh Ngai (which is redundant because "koh" means "island" in Thai). It's paradise, literally. The only thing better would be having family here with us. As I write this I'm looking over an ocean as smooth as glass with Jack Johnson singing from the bar behind me. Casey's under a umbrella reading (or looking at the sea because it's hard to look away from it), and I'm making friends with the bugs.

 The night we got in we were exhausted so we swam for a while, slept, ate dinner, walked around, and then slept for another 10 hours. This morning we got breakfast and then got ready to snorkel. Our first stop was at Koh Mook, a half hour ride by longtail boat. At Koh Mook is this, a beautiful hidden wonder known as the Emerald Cave or Tham Morakot. After swimming 80 meters or so through a dark cave with glowing green waters (emerald) you come into an amazing hidden beach that looks straight up and is completely isolated from the outside. Pirates use to hide their treasure here while there are rare and unique species taking refuge in this cove. 

Our next stop took us to a small island, where we dove in to see the wonderful and colorful fish. We went to three islands like this, the second being Koh Kradan where we stopped to eat lunch. The last island had a shallow cove that allowed for many more diverse fish (I think the shallowness protected them from predators). Most of the corral we saw was dead but it provided a contrasting backdrop for the vibrant, iridescent fish. I kept seeing one and calling it my favorite; then I'd see a new one and that would be my favorite! I still can't decide what one is my favorite because they're all so beautiful.

Enough talking. Here are some pictures. We didn't have a waterproof camera (I'm going to try to get some pictures from another women on the trip-there were 8 of us) but I have others!

Where we ate lunch, at Koh Kradan.

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